Gala’s new general catalogue

Access the Gala Tiles catalogue and choose the finishes, dimensions and colors to create a stylish home.  

Among the 80 collections included in the 2021 edition of the catalogue you will find more than 25 novelties that will amaze you with their performance and finishes. Like the luxury and exceptional dimensions of Gigantic, the antibacterial properties of Gala Safe or the extra-smooth effect of porcelain tiles for outdoor floors provided by the Soft C3 finish, which we present in this new edition.    

The user’s guide of the catalogue has been created to help you access the information with specific tables of contents, based on the format, the styles, the name of the collections or by product type.  

In addition, the catalogue features icons that summarize the features and descriptions of the different collections, with images that identify key information, such as 2021 novelties, colors, thickness, application types, properties, type of surface finish, shading or groups of use.  

Moreover, each section is headed by a style map where you can identify in images the collections and finishes that best define your interior design project.  

The image gallery has been especially created to show the aesthetic and functional properties of the collections with all their nuances, so that the catalogue becomes an essential tool to support your creativity/inventiveness/originality.

Nuevo catálogo general de Gala
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