Soft C3: Technical solution without limits between indoors and outdoors

Gala presents a new porcelain floor tile developed with antislip properties to provide safety without compromising performance. It is Gala’s Soft C3 finish, an extremely soft/pleasant porcelain tile, with adhesive properties that are part of the material and last over time, for safe transit in any environment, outdoors or indoors, without transitions.  

The Soft C3 has been implemented in the elegant Vesta collection, a porcelain tile with a granite texture, full of nuances, available in Sand, Grey, Taupe and Graphite in large formats, with a modular option to combine the pieces if required by the design and with the unique touch of the supersoft finish.

The design of spaces has a new partner in Soft C3, the antislip porcelain tile that reaches the highest values in the CTE Class 3 certificate and the UPEC standards for outdoor floors without losing its softness.


Soft C3: Solución técnica sin límites entre interior y exterior
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